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The demand for climate services - information about climate and climate change in a user-friendly format - is increasing and leads to more and more organizations offering climate services. It is our goal to assess this development at the European scale and to improve the interactions between climate service providers and users.

What are climate services? According to the European Research and Innovation Roadmap, the term climate service has a broad meaning, which covers the transformation of climate-related data - together with other relevant information - into customised products such as projections, forecasts, information, trends, economic analysis, assessments (including technology assessment), counselling on best practices, development and evaluation of solutions and any other service in relation to climate that may be of use for the society at large. As such, these services include data, information and knowledge that support adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk management.

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Being visible on the Climate Knowledge Hub makes it easier for users to find you. Other researchers, who are looking for your expertise when it comes to applying for research funding, can also find you. To see the profiles of climate service providers that are already part of the network, please click onto the respective city on the map.

The survey and mapping is conducted by the Climate Service Center Germany, an institution of the Helmholtz-Center Geesthacht, and the Climate Change Centre Austria. This mapping is part of a large European project to establish an European Research Area for Climate Services covering 18 countries.

We invite you to distribute the invitation to the questionnaire to other organizations and enterprises of which you think, they should be part of this network.